Digital transformation for insurances with intelligent PDF automation

Find out how insurances can profit from automating their PDF processing with PDFCreator. Our PDF converter has the necessary features that help insurances to process a high volume of documents.

Standardization of many different file formats

Insurances deal with many different file formats and in many cases these files need standardization for clients, agents, etc. The good thing is that you can create PDF files from many different systems and software. As long as a file is printable, it can be converted to PDF with PDFCreator. By this you can make all of your files shareable in a standard, consistent format with everyone.

Electronic document archiving

Electronic document archiving is important and ensures your content is converted to future-proof file formats for future accessibility and readability. With the ISO-standardized PDF/A format, digital insurance documents can be stored for a long time. With PDFCreator your files can be converted to PDF/A-1b, PDF/A-2b and PDF/A-3b.

Bulk-processing of insurance documents

Insurances need to process a high volume of documents from agents and stakeholders, for example when a claim is lodged. PDFCreator helps to automate a lot of these processes. After printing, an individualized auto-workflow can be used according to your requirements. This can be auto-saving in specific folders, sending files to clients by e-mail or creating bulk invoices and insurance reports.

Data security for insurances

With PDFCreator sensitive data and documents can be encrypted and secured with a password. To add another layer of security, a digital signature can be added. Thereby the identity of the sender is verified and it is ensured that the document has not been edited after the signature was added.