PDF Architect 7.1 is out


PDF Architect 7.1 comes with a new freedom of organizing the layout of your PDFs. New options for aligning text, lines and paragraphs allow you to adjust, move and rearrange different parts of your documents much more easily and quickly.

Download PDF Architect 7.1

Align text with precision

The new version contains text alignment features that allow users to determine the orientation and appearance of each paragraph; left-aligned text, right-aligned text, centered text, and justified text which aligns the text evenly along the left and right margins. Options for paragraph, line and character spacing provide the ability to customize the amount of space between paragraphs, lines of text, and characters. In addition, you can automatically indent new paragraphs with the First Line Indent option, while the spacing between characters can easily be adjusted. You can also scale the text by stretching or compressing it using the Horizontal Scaling option.

A new Align Objects feature allows you to align objects in relation to other objects, the edges of the page, or the margins. The Superscript and Subscript options allow you to type characters which are smaller than standard text and appear above or below the normal text line. Switching between the small and normal text visualizations is very simple.

Adjust and move elements easily

With the added Group/Ungroup functions it is possible to group objects on a page. These objects can then be moved, deleted, copied, cut, pasted, aligned and arranged as a group. It is also possible to layer objects with the Arrange Objects option. This allows the actions Bring to front, Bring forward, Send to back and Send backwards. A new Reverse option lets you rearrange pages in reverse while you can also flip objects both horizontically and vertically to display the mirror image.

Bullets Points & Numbering Lists provide the ability to create ordered lists, using multi-level bullet points with a variety of different types of bullet designs and numbering. Furthermore, a new menu tab titled Page has been added, which contains all page related features to set up your page easily via the Menu bar.


  • Multisearch optionlets you choose to search one PDF or multiple PDFs directly from the application.
  • Ability to control the stroke width of the pen and pencil tools.
  • Added option Open Files upon Creationwhich will control the opening of a file in PDF Suite while using the virtual printer.
  • Ability to add Save Button to the forms that allows the end user to save the document.
  • Enhanced Nested bookmarks.
  • The Font section is absent in File -> Options.
  • Enhanced Color picker function. Ability to choose the preferred pencil width.