PDFCreator 1.1.0 released


We are happy to announce PDFCreator 1.1.0 today. According to our new versioning scheme, it is the first release after PDFCreator 1.0.0 which adds new features. Among them is the embedded Ghostscript 9.0 which improves the TrueType font support. We have also added 128 Bit AES encryption and improved the setup to be run when PDFCreator is already installed to make the update easier.

The new TrueType font system also fixes spacing problems in some fonts including the Arial-Degree-Bug which caused the degree symbol to flow into following characters.

The new setup also provides an new Toolbar dialog which we now hope helps the user to see how he can disable it. You can also seperately disable the DNS Error pages. What many users did not see: The Toolbar provides two things apart from searches: It helps us to develop PDFCreator as it brings some revenue that supports the running cost we have for serving web pages for some million visitors and update requests for more than 6 million active users. But it also allows you to create PDF files with a single click from any webpage you are currently visiting. We think that it is worth giving that a try.