PDFCreator 3.0 Preview


For the last few months, we have worked hard on PDFCreator 3.0 to make the user interface more intuitive and easier to use while keeping the extensive functionality of PDFCreator as you know it. Now we would like to hear your opinion on the work to see if you agree or we have forgot or misjudged something you are using intesively. We would like to have any many testers as possible, so feel free to install the beta version and give us your feedback. You can download the beta version here: http://go.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator3-beta

We are looking forward to hear your feedback and have prepared a short survey which we kindly ask you to participate in after having tested: Survey

Please note that the languages are still incomplete, so you should use the application in English. We will also inform our translators today to have as many translations available as possible when the final version is released. If you are interested in translating PDFCreator into your language, you can participate here: http://translate.pdfforge.org

Many Thanks in advance for testing and giving us feedback