Features that adapt to your workflow - PDFCreator 4.0


Think of all the helpful features that PDFCreator offers and then imagine you get to decide how they best fit into your workflow. This is possible with the new version - PDFCreator 4.0!

We are proud of continuously improving our PDF converter in a way that automates your workflow as much as possible. But this time we wanted to take it a step higher and give you the freedom to create the exact workflow that best fits to you and your requirements. Therefore, we developed the new workflow editor. It means, you no longer need to adapt to PDFCreator, but it is now PDFCreator that adapts to you.

The new workflow editor allows you to set a custom order that determines in which order certain actions will be executed. What kind of actions are we talking about? They are the same actions that you know from your Profiles under for example Modify, Send and Security. You can choose to continue working with them in the old way, or activate the custom order feature and drag them in the order you wish them to be executed

PDFCreator 4.0 also comes with a new setup. It is a lot quicker and easier to navigate with fewer clicks so you can move straight on to all the helpful features this PDF converter has to offer.

Last but not least

We would also like to inform you that the new version brings a change in our product program. From now on PDFCreator Plus and PDFCreator Business will be merged with our new product variant PDFCreator Professional. This means, there will be one license that is equally suitable for both private and business customers. 

The combination of new features for automating your workflow and the introduction of PDFCreator Professional is definitely something we are excited about and we hope you will enjoy the new version 4.0 as much as we do!

Full Changelog


  • Option to sort print jobs in the merge window by date, ID or alphabetically
  • PDFCreator can now send the whole document to the printer, including added backgrounds or a visible signatures
  • Allow to “Convert Here” and “Merge” from the context menu
  • Adding backgrounds is now available for all output formats

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed bug in merge window when trying to drag and drop a new file into the pint jobs list.
  • Remove the Bug that caused the application to crash when a broken font was loaded. The Bug occurred while selecting a font for the stamping action.
  • Files saved from the COM interface were sometimes saved generating a distinct filename, if the target file already existed. PDFCreator now writes exactly to the specified location.
  • Fixed converting files, when the filename ended with a space or a dot
  • Fixed error in merge all function when merge window was open before

Other Changes

  • PDFCreator now has a workflow editor to define the order of actions while converting documents
  • New PDFCreator edition PDFCreator Professional, which is the successor of PDFCreator Business and PDFCreator Plus
  • For easier understanding, the “script” action was renamed to “run program”
  • Printer drivers are signed with the current pdfforge certificate.
  • PDFCreator now uses and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
Download PDFCreator 4.0