European Day of Languages 2021

It’s European Day of Languages on September 26. This is an important day to us because it’s our mission to make PDFCreator available in as many languages as possible in ...

PDFCreator 4.4 is out

The new version of PDFCreator brings an improvement of performance, as well as some other helpful new features, which we have listed below.

PDFCreator 4.3 is out

For PDFCreator 4.3 we focused on clearing any potential obstacles for a quick and precise workflow. Find out what’s new:

PDFCreator Server 2.3.2 - Maintenance release

Here is another maintenance release for you: PDFCreator Server 2.3.2. Thanks to the quick feedback from our users we were able to fix two bugs immediately.So in case you...

PDFCreator Server 2.3.1 - Maintenance release

Since the release of PDFCreator 2.3.0 we have improved and fixed a few things. Please see the following changelog for our maintance release PDFCreator Server 2.3.1:

PDFCreator Server 2.3 is out

The new version of PDFCreator Server focuses on giving you a quicker overview of features and results. It comes with a new way of optimizing your workflow while making ...