PDF Architect 2.0 and PDFCreator 1.7.3 released


After publishing the next beta version (PDFCreator 1.9.3), we can today release PDFCreator 1.7.3 and PDF Architect 2.

PDFCreator 1.7.3 is a maintenance release of the old PDFCreator branch. We have fixed the upgrade path from old versions and the detection whether files can be printed, adding printing support to more file types. Finally, it of course adds support for PDF Architect 2.

PDF Architect 2 comes with a lot of new features. We will detail on some of them in future blog posts.

Some highlights are:

  • The completely reworked user interface is more modern and loads much faster - we know this has been criticized in the past.
  • Snap lines when moving elements (text, form fields, images) to allow precise alignment and consistent margins.
  • The OCR module that scans images within your PDFs for text and makes them searchable and editable.
  • The new Signature implementation is much easier to use and understand and supports more ways of adding a signature, like using the Windows certificate storage
  • Improvements to the general user experience: Many features have stayed the same on the paper, but the handling was improved, like clipping and cropping images. This had edges in the past and is much easier to do today.

Of course, PDF Architect 2 also has the free package, allowing you to delete, rotate and move pages and to merge documents.