pdfforge as your employer


Flexible working hours

A healthy work-life-balance is very important to us. Therefore, we have hardly any fixed appointments for which everyone has to be at the office. Most regular meetings happen in agreement with and within the different teams. Alternatively, you can join the meetings via Microsoft Teams. We also believe that the most productive time of the day is different for everyone. You know best at what time of day your concentration levels are at their highest. Our time registration is mainly used as a tool to coordinate holidays and absence and to help you keep track of your work time.


We want everyone to feel welcome, safe and included at pdfforge, and encourage people of all color, sex, gender, age and disability to apply for a position. We try to use inclusive language on our website but we are still learning. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could make us aware of anything that perhaps still could be improved. As an applicant you are very welcome to let us know which pronouns you use so that we can address you accordingly.



We are not a US-startup that is growing rapidly and is being showered with large sums of risk capital. We grow by ourselves and are interested in sustainable development, also in regard to our employees. Most of our employment contracts are permanent. Only in rare and well-founded cases do we offer temporary contracts while striving to turn them into permanent ones.


Company pension scheme

Despite the well-organized statutory pension in Germany, it will not be enough to maintain the same standard of living. Even if the pension is still a long way off, you should start thinking about it early. Therefore, we offer all of our employees a company pension scheme towards which we pay a contribution.



The health of our employees has a high priority for us - not only to prevent possible absences but because a healthy life style is important to us. In our kitchen you will always find fresh organic fruit. We regularly take part in sports activities like company runs. Some of our employees meet up to practice sports together in a group. Furthermore, we value a healthy work environment. Ergonomics and quality, especially for the office chairs, are essential for us because we spend a lot of time sitting down.


Sharing of knowledge

You live and learn. Whether you are new or experienced - we believe you can always learn something new. It is important to us to share our knowledge with each other. This starts with regular code reviews where two developers check the work of one of them. By this, the second developer can learn and understand the code of the first one. The sharing of knowledge does not only happen in the developer team. We use Confluence to document knowledge and processes and make it accessible for all. We also arrange internal workshops in which we give talks about different topics. We regularly visit different conferences and user groups to look beyond one’s own nose and get insights into new technologies and topics.


 Important: We ask head hunters and recruiters to refrain from contacting us. These enquiries will not be processed. We do, however, look forward to getting contacted directly by all candidates!