Automatically send PDF by email

Often a high volume of important files like invoices and reports need to be shared quickly and securely. PDF is one of the most commonly shared file types due to its compatibility and ability to maintain formatting across different devices. In this article we will take a look at the option of automatically emailing PDF documents after conversion, one of many PDF automation tools in PDFCreator. 

Emailing PDF files directly to specific recipients

Instead of saving you PDF file on your device, you have the possibility to automatically send it by email after each conversion. You can also choose to automatically save it and in additon email it to a specific address. As this can be configured for different print profiles, you can for example choose to send all your invoices to your billing email address and send reports to another recipient.

How can I automatically send a PDF file by email?

  • Install and open PDFCreator.
  • Firstly, configure PDFCreator to save PDF files automatically by clicking on "Profiles" and selecting "Automatic Saving." Here, you can configure PDFCreator to automatically save PDF files to a specific folder.
  • Secondly, set up PDFCreator to automatically send PDF files via email. Click on "Add action" and select "Email."
  • Provide one or multiple email addresses that you want your PDFs to be sent to after each conversion. You can also define a subject and an email text.

Tip: With the help of user tokens you can automate this process even further. These “place holders” are typically used to automatically add information such as the user's name, date of creation, document title, or any other custom data to the PDF file.

In conclusion, automating the process of sending PDF files via email can save you time and effort. With PDFCreator, you can easily configure the tool to automatically save PDF files and send them via email. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can improve your workflow and productivity.

FAQs: Automatically sending PDF files by email

What are the advantages of auto-emailing PDFs?

Sending a PDF automatically by email straight after the conversion can save you a lot of time and can easily be configured in PDFCreator. This means you can email your files directly from your PDF converter instead of having to save your files first and then upload them to your email account. If you would like to set up this auto-feature please follow the steps above. 

What tools can I use to send a PDF file automatically by email? 

We highly recommend PDFCreator to automatically send PDF files by email. One of the many reasons is that PDFCreator also offers the possibility to use user tokens, which help you to automatically insert data to for example the subject line or the body of your emails. 

Can I customize the email subject and body when sending PDF files with PDFCreator? 

Yes this is fairly simple. In the email settings of PDFCreator you can select multiple addresses for the automatic emailing and you can also predefine an email subject and an email body.