How to renew or manage your PDFCreator license


Access to the customer portal

In order to renew or manage your PDFCreator license, you need access to our customer portal.

You can access the customer portal at If you do not have your credentials yet, please read our article How to register for the customer portal.

Please note: The account must be created with the e-mail address you used for purchasing your licenses.


Tip: Search for 'PDFCreator license' in your e-mails. If you are still not sure which e-mail address you used, you can try to perform this step with 'PDFCreator (your name)'. Please make sure that the name is spelled exactly as you entered it when purchasing PDFCreator.


Manage and extend your licenses

After you have logged in to the customer portal, you can extend a license via the feature ‘Extend license’. Alternatively, you can click on 'My Licenses' to see your active and inactive licenses, your products and license keys and extend them via ‘Extend license.’

On the next page click on "Submit" and you will be taken to an overview that shows you the current expiration date and what the new date will be after the extension. Adjust the machine count if needed and then click on "Submit".