Automatic Saving of PDFs


If you work with PDF on a regular basis and convert many documents of the same kind (for example invoices), there are features in a PDF converter tool like PDFCreator that can really help to speed up your workflow. One of these time-saving settings is “automatic saving”. It lets you preselect the target folder and values for the file name.

As mentioned in our article about How to create PDF files, one of the ways to create PDFs is by printing them directly from the original document. It doesn't need to get any more "complicated" than that if you want to use the auto-save feature. In fact, it gets even easier. You predefine the settings once in your profile and connect a PDFCreator printer to it. Afterwards you will be able to skip the interaction with PDFCreator and just print directly from your document without having to choose a target folder or file name.

What if you don't even want to save the documents but instead send them by e-mail or FTP? For this case you can choose to only save your files temporarily, which will avoid you having a huge amount of files on your PC that are just taking up space. Or imagine that you instead of saving the files to your computer, you always want to send them to a specific e-mail address. Of course you won't have to re-type that address a million times but instead PDFCreator will send them to your e-mail program automatically once you have set up the address in the settings.

One last thing about file names that could be of interest for you: File names can contain a lot of information, for example title, invoive number, keywords, etc. Therefore, it is advisable to use a little help for that as well. In PDFCreator you can use tokens to predefine values like for example author, date and time or a counter that increases every time you convert a file.

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