New website 2014


After two years with the new web site, we have again changed a lot. The old site was okay, but it was sometimes confusing (when to click on a menu, when to hover, ...) and technically not up to date anymore. The new web site not only is technically more modern and robust, it also looks nicer and also scales well on all kinds of devices. One of the big changes is that we have integrated the websites for PDFCreator and PDF Architect on the domain This makes the navigation more consistens and helps exploring both products.

One big change for the blog is that we now use Disqus to host and manage the comments. We hope to be able to mange the massive spam attacks we were faced and to make the discussions more lively at the same time.

Of course, making changes always leaves some people that were used to the current state and sometimes do not find things where they used to be. We hope that the impact of that is fairly low with the new web site, but if you encounter any problems, just let us know and we will see if we can improve that. If you just like the new website, we would also be happy about a comment on that.