The FREE PDF Converter tool


The FREE PDF Converter Tool

Ease to use Professional Features Free. Forever. For Business
  • PDFCreator converts every printable document to PDF and many other formats.

    • Convert your documents to PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF and more
    • Merge multiple documents to one file
    • Profiles make frequently used settings available with one click
    • Use automatic saving to have a fully automated PDF printer
    • We take care of the complexity and make converting PDFs simple for you

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  • Professional features allow you to control and secure your output
    to achieve the results you desire.

    • Compress and resize images to reduce the file size
    • Encrypt your PDFs with AES and protect them with a password
    • Prevent unauthorized access to your PDFs by changing the security settings
    • Use the COM interface to control PDFCreator from your application
    • Coming soon: With our corporate subscription you will get access to our MSI setup for easy deployment through Active Directory

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  • PDFCreator will remain free forever.
    You may use it at home, in your company
    and may even give it to your friends and colleagues.

    • PDFCreator is Open Source software and licensed under the terms of the Affero General Public License (AGPL) to give you the maximum freedom
    • You are free to use PDFCreator at home or at work
    • You may access the source code and compile it on your own, as long as it stays under the AGPL
    • Please note that we display advertisements during the setup to cover our costs. If you do not like advertisements, we also offer PDFCreator Plus, which gives you access to our ad-free setup.

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  • We offer support for companies to get the most out of PDFCreator. We help you with customized setups and deployment through Active Directory.

    • Create customized setups with just the components you like
    • Insert additional customization scripts into the setup (set specific printers, settings and more)
    • Use the MSI installer for easy deployment

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From the content:

Learn how to use PDFCreator to create PDFs for free from any application and get an idea of the powerful features:

  • Use auto-save to store a file without interaction
  • Customize the output path with tokens e.g. for date and time
  • Print a carbon copy on a physical printer
  • Manage PDFCreator profiles for different tasks

PDFCreator is used in many companies world wide. We would like to thank all clients for their business with us.