PDFCreator License

You may

  • Use PDFCreator on as many computers as you like anywhere 
    (at home, in the office etc) for free
  • Upload it to a server in your company
  • Give free copies of the software to friends and colleagues
  • View and modify the source code. If you modify the source code and publish the software or embed it in your application or server, you must declare your changes and the complete source code according to the AGPL as well

You may not

  • Sell PDFCreator
  • Charge others for using or receiving a copy of PDFCreator
  • Use PDFCreator within an application or service that is 
    not licensed under the terms of the AGPL
  • Publish a modified version using the name "PDFCreator"
  • Modify the license of the source code

If you are seeking to use PDFCreator in a way that is not covered by the open source license, please look at the options you have
on our business page.