PDFCreator Custom

The PDF Converter tool

PDFCreator Custom

PDFCreator Custom is for companies seeking to integrate PDFCreator into their Software or would like to redistribute PDFCreator along with their own commercial applications or services. PDFCreator Custom especially covers the requirement of offline activitation which is often necessary due to security reasons.

Key features:

  • Integration with your Software inside your company
  • Integrate and distribute PDFCreator along with your Software
  • No online connection to license server required
  • Pre-Configuration of setup and settings possible (e.g. change printer name, several printers, pre-defined profiles, deactivation of update check)
  • Branding with your company name

The licensing for PDFCreator Custom is based on a yearly license fee. The number of licenses is calculated by the number of workstations or the number of Terminal Servers that will be equipped with PDFCreator. Please contact our Customer Service Team for a quotation.

Please note: In any commercial context you need a license, even if you distribute PDFCreator "for free" along with other commercial applications or services. Further information can be found in our FairPlay licensing summary and the Terms of AGPL.