New PDFCreator Server version available


Since the initial launch of PDFCreator Server last year, we are happy to see the great demand among our users. Today we are announcing the first feature version 1.1.0. Read in this post what's new.

Print Action

According to many customer feedbacks we equipped PDFCreator with the ability to print to physical printers in addition to the conversion to PDF. There are some limitations when running inside a service. We have solved the first few of them which makes it possible to print to local printers by using the Print Action in the Profile Settings. Moreover, we plan on extending this feature to network printers as well. If printing to network printers is a key feature of yours, feel free to send your feature request to our support team: [email protected]. According to the demand we are going to prioritize the tickets for the next release.

Title replacements with regular expressions

We want to give you more control on how the title replacement is performed by PDFCreator. Therefore, you can select how the replacement should be done. You can remove simple additions from the filename automatically by adding a substitution to the list. If this still is not powerful enough, you can also apply a regular expression. With regular expressions, you can do very powerful replacements. In the user guide we describe a use case, together with an in-depth explanation of how the regular expressions work.

Enhanced UI

For a better user experience we added some windows in the user interface. A new license tab in the Application Settings makes managing the license more comfortable. Furthermore, you will see a notification is displayed in the UI when errors occurred in the last 24 hours.



  • The Print Action is now available for local printers
  • Enhanced title replacements with regular expressions
  • Added an option to disable the 'Ensure Unique Filenames' setting
  • In the unlikely event that the PDFCreator Server UI application crashes, a more useful error window is displayed
  • Show a notification in the UI if errors occurred in the last 24 hours
  • A new license tab in the application settings makes managing the license more comfortable
  • Fresh new setup image
  • The event log is now configured to a size of 8mb and to overwrite old entries
  • Includes Ghostscript version 9.19


  • Updated pdfcmon to Number of pages are now calculated correctly
  • The setup should behave correctly when trying to update while the application is running
  • Improve logged information if the license is not valid
  • If an important file is missing, PDFCreator Server now provides information about which one it is