PDF Architect 7 released


Architect has never been better. The new version comes with an improved usability that focuses on making complex tasks easier and quicker to complete. While PDF Architect 7 offers more freedom in connection with known features that have proved their value, new features are perfectly supplementing them in order to help you use your PDF editor to the max.

Improved usabililty for forms and text fields

While the Java Script input window has received new numbered lines and a "Go To Line" function, some of the more advanced actions no longer require using it. Instead, new formatting, validation and calculation possibilities have been added to support individual requirements for your forms. Text fields and combo boxes now have several formatting options like decimal place and separator style for numbers and percentages, currency symbols, date, time, zip code, phone number and social security numbers. In addition, calculations between form fields can now be made much more easily using predefined functions like sum or product without writing any Java Script.

Furthermore, we have improved the user interface for forms by adding a calender selection button for text fields containing dates and the possibility to numerically specify field dimensions and positions for any form element. It has never been easier to create forms tailored to your personal workflow.

Helpful additions

Working with Shapes has been improved in the new version. The cloud shape has been added to the review tab, where it can quickly be selected from the Shape menu. In the same location you will find the new "Draw Cloud" option, which lets you customize a cloud’s shape and size by setting its perimeter. In addition, all shapes can now easily be rotated with the new rotate option, and the CTRL & SHIFT buttons for the Stamp, Shape and Signature fields are now functional to give you even more control over dimensions. More good news is that a spell check feature has been added that can be used in the form fields.

Last but not least, in the new version, you no longer need to use "Add Actions" in order to add a functional bookmark. Instead, you can now directly add it via the bookmark panel. The bookmark destination can also be updated by right-clicking a bookmark and choosing ‘Set current as destination’.

Bug fixes and improvements

Resolved Issues (Major)

  • Text from the document can’t be copied
  • Force Update pop-up appears for the latest version of the application
  • Application crashes after applying Calibration option
  • Application crashes after Ctrl+T
  • Error appears when you undo/delete inserted pages
  • Text blocks are split after applying “Merge Text Blocks”
  • Default settings for Print and Print Selection are not separated
  • Unable to overwrite opened PDF after using Batch -> OCR
  • Some folders are left in the Program Data when you delete the application
  • “Enter Password” field doesn’t display for password secured certificate

Resolved Issues (Minor)

  • “Please enter a Document Owner Password” link is not blinking
  • “Sign Out” in virtual drivers is not blinking
  • Icon of “Detect text orientation” is shifted to the left in Russian language
  • Document marked like it was edited upon opening
  • Large text boxes now function as expected
  • Hover stays on Quick Send after the “Open” window closes
  • Font size has a long tooltip on the ribbon bar

Other Changes