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PDFCreator, as Open Source application, greatly depends on support from the community. This support can be in many forms, among them testing, bug reports, translations and of course donations, to cover the costs that arise from hosting and continous development. But not all forms of giving back have to be in form of money

Donate publicity

Join us on Facebook or Google+ and invite other people to join us as well. This help us to reach more people and you can get notifications of new versions. You will also be among the first to hear about special offers (i.e. on PDF Architect) when the come up.

Donate time

Many users are using PDFCreator because it is great and for free. This is a perfect reason and we appreciate every single users. If you want to give something back, but are not able or do not want to donate money, you could consider to test new versions or translate PDFCreator to your language. On the long run, we would also like to offer more translations of the user manual. If you would like to help out with that, please let us know as well.

Donate money

After all, it costs a lot to server this huge amount of daily downloads and to keep up the development (PCs, Visual Studio, etc.). If you would like to contribute to that, you can either buy a license of
PDF Architect, our full-featured PDF Editor, or donate some money directly: