PDFCreator as Windows service application

per server

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The licensing of PDFCreator Server is based on a yearly license fee per server. The license entitles you to use the software, receive the latest updates and get priority e-mail support. A separate maintenance plan is not needed as updates and support are already included in the yearly all-in-one license fee.
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Your benefits


Share virtual printers in your network

Once the admin has configured and shared a virtual printer in the network, users can print to this shared printer. Therefore, configurations can be changed for all users in just one place.


No user interaction

As all configuration can be done by the admin via a shared printer, no installation, configuration or user interaction is required when using PDFCreator. The server will convert a printed file using the settings defined for the printer and store it in the defined location or perform other actions like e-mailing the file.


High performance

The possibility of handling multiple print jobs in parallel, enables PDFCreator Server to convert more than one file at the same time. The performance increases with the number of CPU cores, which makes it an excellent solution for high volume printing.