PDFCreator Server 2.3.1 - Maintenance release


Since the release of PDFCreator 2.3.0 we have improved and fixed a few things. Please see the following changelog for our maintance release PDFCreator Server 2.3.1:


  • Converting a test page for checking the queue settings shows errors immediately (not only in the log).
  • The Performance Test was slightly refactored. It is now possible to choose the test file folder while 'job/second' and 'total time' are displayed.
  • Thanks to our translator community further translations were completed. We appreciate this very much.

Bugs fixed

  • CS-Scripts samples and the Performance Test were missing in the new setup.
  • Although selected, the start menu links were not created.
  • In some cases the PDFCreator Server license was not automatically revoked after uninstallation.
Download PDFCreator Server