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PDF Architect 6 Release Notes


In addition to the classic PDF Architect editions we are now off ering a yearly subscription plan that uses accounts to manage the licenses inste-ad of license keys. This makes managing licenses in large companies a lot easier. Each user is granted a license. When moving across PCs, they can take the account with them and continue using PDF Architect. If someone leaves the company or requirements change, the admin can revoke the license and assign it to someone else. You can manage your license at: https://myaccount.pdfarchitect.org

Measurement Tools

The new measurement tools allow you to measure and annotate distances, perimeters and areas in your documents. To measure a given area, just klick along a path and it shows the enclosed area. You can also apply a custom scale by calibrating the tool. Without calibration, PDF Architect uses the paper size.

Improved Virtual Drives

The drive integration has been improved. You can now add multiple virtual drives (called „place“) and use them while loading and saving. PDF Architect now supports OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, Google Drive, Box and (new) SharePoint.

Custom Ribbon

PDF Architect 6 comes with a custom ribbon, where you can add your most often used tools. If you often use features of diff erent modules, this will stre-amline your workfl ow.